Directed by Eron Sheean

About the film


The feature film Errors of the Human Body is a thought provoking psychological
thriller and gripping mystery that follows the story of Geoffrey Burton, a scientist on
a journey of both startling and frightening discovery, set within the mysterious world
of genetic engineering.

The story takes place in Dresden and stars Germany’s Karoline Herfurth (Perfume:
The Story of a Murderer, The Reader and We are the Night), Iceland’s Tomas
Lemarquis (Noi the Albino, Painless, Snow Piercer), Rik Mayall (The Young Ones) and
Canada’s rising star, Michael Eklund (The Divide, FRINGE, ALCATRAZ) Written by Eron
Sheean and Shane Danielsen & Directed by Eron Sheean. Produced by Instinctive Film
and High5Films.


When a potentially lethal virus is created within his new lab, Dr Geoff Burton is
shocked to discover he is not only the unwitting cause, but also its first victim.


Dr Geoff Burton takes up a position at a new institute in wintry Dresden, Germany.
His contribution to a former colleagues important project, a human regeneration
gene, has the potential to make something miraculous out of a personal tragedy that
has haunted him for years.


Seeking a new laboratory to pursue his controversial genetic research, Dr Geoff
Burton takes up a position at the world-renowned Institute for Molecular Cell Biology
& Genetics in wintry Dresden, Germany. His contribution to their most top-secret
project – a human regeneration gene – has the potential to make something
miraculous out of a personal tragedy that has haunted him for years. But when he
uncovers a conspiracy amongst his colleagues, he finds instead something quite
different: a terrifying new virus, with potentially devastating consequences for
humanity – and for Geoff, who is not only its first victim, but its unwitting source.


Geoffrey Burton – Michael Eklund – (The Divide, The Day, Fringe TV, Alcatraz TV)
Rebekka Fiedler – Karoline Herfurth – (Perfume, The Reader, We are the Night)
Jarek Novak – Tómas Lemarquis – (Noi the Albino, December, Painless)
Samuel Mead – Rik Mayall – (drop Dead Fred, The Young Ones TV)
Sarah Burton – Caroline Gerdolle
Chiba – Yusuke Yamasaki
Waldemar – Ulrich Meinecke


Directed by: Eron Sheean

Produced by: Darryn Welch, Mike Dehghan, Cole Payne

Co-Producers: Michael Wrenn, Nick Feik

Story by: Eron Sheean

Screenplay: Eron Sheean, Shane Danielsen

Director of Photographer: Anna Howard, ACS

Editor: Patrick Wilfert

Original Music: Anthony Pateras

Additional Music: Christian Meyer

Production Designer: Karin Betzler

Costume Designer: Claudia Torsiello

Key Make Up & hair: Gloria Göschel

Special Make-up Effects Designer: Kristyan Mallett

Visual Effects Supervisor: Ryan Bozajian

Year of Production: 2011/12

Shooting Format: HD ARRI ALEXA

Exhibition Format: DCP or HDCam SR

Color: Color

Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85 (16:9 Full Height Anamorphic (FHA)

Language: English

Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround (Lt, Rt)

Running time: 101 min

Country: Germany / Australia



Eron is a writer/director currently working between Germany and Australia. His
eclectic background in puppetry, animation, and cinematography has strongly
informed his films to date. His shorts include Fledgling (1999), a model animation
film about the first human born from a rocky womb in the desert, Bing (2002) an
urban fairytale about an old man that rips out a tooth and transforms it with a
railway train, and Fish (2005) the story of a boy that makes treasure out of trash, and
meets a girl who thinks she is. Fish screened at the 2006 Berlin International Film
Festival, and won the Emerging Australian Filmmaker at the Melbourne International
Film Festival, and was nominated for a Dendy award at the Sydney International Film
Festival. Eron has also directed the short film William, the story of an indigenous
magician, which screened at the 2007 Sundance film festival and won two Grand Jury
Prizes at the Montreal First People’s Festival – Terres En Vues .

His films have screened and won prizes at many prestigious international film
festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, Telluride, Chicago, Hawaii and Melbourne.

Eron is currently working as head of development for the Berlin based production
company, Instinctive Film (The Bang Bang Club, The Retreat, The Divide) and co-
wrote the new feature film for Xavier Gens (Frontier(s), Hitman) titled ‘The Divide’
which just premiered at SXSW, and became the highest selling film in the history of
the festival. Eron also served as co-producer and 2nd unit director.

He has also recently completed his debut feature ‘Errors of the Human Body’, a
provocative film about one man’s quest for redemption from his own disturbing past,
set within the mysterious world of genetic engineering and developed whilst artist-
in- resident at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in
Dresden, Germany.


The story and themes of the film are influenced by my personal experiences as a
foreigner not just in the former East Germany, with its residual ghosts, but in this
foreign world of science: in the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and
Genetics in Dresden, Germany. It was here I spent over two years as an artist in
residence and had the opportunity to observe and participate in many amazing and
strange experiments on what is the frontier of modern (molecular biology) medicine:
a world where the outcomes of birth, disease and death in lower organisms such as
flies and worms are being shaped by our own genetic intervention. In this arena,
science-fiction is a redundant term.

The knowledge and experience gained from my time as an ‘embedded artist’ has
placed me in a uniquely privileged position to make a film that counteracts some of
the simplistic assumptions about genetic research, yet doesn’t shy away from the
slippery ethics of experimentation and how genetics is remodeling our perceptions
of what it is to be ‘human’.

In thinking about the themes of this story, I asked myself, what is the main conflict
in scientific research? And what is the cost of progress? I was imagining all the
medical advances we take for granted and the veiled experiments and sacrifices
made throughout history in an attempt to improve our lives. Have they been to the
detriment of our humanity? Clearly not, and yet we shouldn’t have unconstrained,
unlimited scope in the way we approach research. There must still be limits, because
we are dealing with real lives.

When dealing with this complex issue, the challenge for stories such as Errors is to
explore the assumptions, fears and fault lines that influence our attitudes to genetic

research, as well as the ethical dilemmas and personal situations scientists deal with
in the course of their work. Geoff represents this conflict: he is a scientist who is the
experimenter becoming the experiment, born with an allegorical mutation, a
‘miraculous’ gene that has both the potential to harm and to heal. How does he
reconcile he has become the specimen and not just the scientist, that he reduced his
own child to tissue samples? Are his own experiments on his child’s disease
necessary for the good of humanity? Perhaps technically they are, but scientific
research does not occur in isolation: it cannot take place beyond the ethical codes of
the real community, and its corresponding checks and balances – and it can’t ignore
human emotional needs. Errors examines the dangers of divorcing science from the
human, moral and ethical concerns broader society lives by.

It is not my intention to use the film to make a moral statement about genetic
intervention and determination, but to engage people to consider what it is to be
human in a time where we have the power to influence our species like never before.
Ultimately, the film is the human story of a scientist, and although the narrative is
fantastical and allegorical at times, it is essentially a drama. The story’s about a man
who, though trying to do the right thing, by avoiding the confrontation with his
deeper emotional issues and moral responsibilities sets off an even more
confronting chain of events.


Mr. Eron Sheean – writer/director

Mr. Darryn Welch – producer
Instinctivefilm GMBH, Tor strasse 125, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 21965570 E-mail:

Mr. Nate Bolotin – EP / Producers rep
xyz films, 4223 Glencoe Ave, Suite B119 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 California




IFC Films

Justin DiPietro:



Instinctivefilm GMBH, Tor strasse 125, 4 stock, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 21965570 E-mail:


The producers would like to thank the following organisations for their generous support of Errors of the Human Body

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