Directed by Eron Sheean


IFC Midnight to distribute Errors in North America

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Review: Scott Weinberg, FEARnet

Calm and collected in the most fascinating fashionErrors of the Human Body is a medical thriller that’s both reminiscent of earlier stories (ones from David Cronenberg or Michael Crichton, perhaps) and astutely unique in its own right. On the surface it’s the story of an American doctor who travels to Hamburg to assist a pair of estranged colleagues who are on to something big in the field of cancer research, but in the layers beneath (and there are several) we have a tense, topical, and fascinating discussion about morality, medicine, the dangers of playing god, the sin of wasting knowledge, the perils of trust, and the necessity of human contact.”

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And another review in Ain’t It Cool!: “An artistic, thoughtful triumph.”

Heading to Fantastic

After successful screenings at Frightfest (UK), Melbourne International Film Festival and Fantasia, Errors heads to Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX.

Fantastic Fest screening details here

Review: Ain’t It Cool

Sheean manages to do something pretty incredible with his film as he juggles between drama, horror and science to create an intense story that keeps you on your toes guessing as to where it’s heading next.”

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Review: Quiet Earth

“Errors is beautifully shot with a frosty palette of whites and greys which provide a clinical precision perfect for the storyline. However, this precision extends well beyond the script to both the acting and editing, and this combination is where this film excels. Thrillers are based on buildup and pacing which in Errors borders on immaculate.”

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Just Announced – Fantastic Fest 2012

Errors will have its first US screening at the fantastic Fantastic Fest 2012 (Sept 20-27)


Review: Fangoria

“Sheean, on the other hand, maintains a cool control over his material… Genre fans will find their investment in the narrative rewarded by a couple of horrific developments in the final act…”
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ALSO: Cult Montreal review: “A taut and engaging thriller”